Next.js Development

Whether you need a high performance web application or want to enhance your existing CMS-driven website, I will leverage the capabilities of Next.js to deliver exceptional results.

Freelance Next.js Developer – UK

Let me bring your web projects to life with the incredible capabilities of Next.js!

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Next.js is a cutting-edge JavaScript framework renowned for its robustness and versatility. Its features empower developers to build performant web applications that deliver unmatched speed and interactivity.

With Next.js, I can take your web development project to the next level. As an experienced Next.js developer, I create dynamic and interactive websites that provide a seamless user experience while leveraging the power of static site generation and server-side rendering.

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Next.js vs. WordPress

While visual builders like WordPress have their merits, Next.js stands out as an exceptional choice for developing not just complex and feature-rich web applications but simple “brochure” sites as well.


Next.js enables server-side rendering and static site generation, allowing your web pages to load quickly and efficiently. This ensures that your content is readily available to users, improving their overall browsing experience.

Search Engine Optimisation

By incorporating server-side rendering and SSG, Next.js improves SEO by providing search engines with fully rendered HTML pages. This results in better indexing and visibility for your website in search engine results.

Enhanced Performance

Next.js prioritises performance by leveraging intelligent optimisation techniques. This ensures fast-loading web pages, superior user experience, and improved conversion rates. Platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix struggle to match the speed and efficiency of Next.js.


Next.js offers scalability by providing support for static site, server-side, and client side data fetching. This allows your website to handle huge traffic spikes and accommodate future growth effortlessly on hosts like Netlify & Vercel.


Next.js offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling me to create highly customised and tailored web applications according to your unique requirements. Unlike visual builders, Next.js doesn’t limit you to predefined templates or themes, providing endless possibilities for design and functionality.


When it comes to security, Next.js offers significant advantages over WordPress, especially when used for static site generation. The huge array of poorly coded plugins and themes available for WordPress make it challenging to ensure their compatibility and security.

Serverless Hosting for Next.js

Next.js sites are fast, secure, easily maintainable, cheap to host, & great for SEO:

  • Netlify logo
    Serverless platform with great integrations Netlify
  • Vercel logo
    Serverless platform from the team behind Next.js Vercel
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Reuse Your Existing CMS Content with Next.js

If your content is already managed through a CMS like WordPress, don’t worry! Next.js seamlessly integrates with popular CMS platforms, allowing you to leverage its advantages without the need for a complete content migration.

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From WP site to Next.js ↗

An existing WordPress site repurposed into a headless CMS for Next.js using the WP Rest API. Hosted securely on Netlify with Sentry application monitoring.

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By incorporating Next.js into your existing setup, you can harness the power of server-side rendering, static site generation, and enhanced performance while maintaining your familiar CMS workflow for adding new content.

If you want to move away from using WordPress as a CMS there are plenty of alternatives like Dato CMS & Contentful which work great with Next.js as well.

Content Management Systems for Next.js

A CMS helps you create & modify pages, text, images, videos & SEO meta content in a user-friendly way:

  • WordPress CMS Development Logo
    Popular & user-friendly CMS Headless WordPress
  • Dato CMS logo
    Great headless CMS for Next.js Dato CMS
Example of a website CMS