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The top 3 positions in Google Search get 2/3rds of the unpaid traffic & almost no-one checks page 2 of Google.
  • On-page SEO - Optimising your website's content to target the keywords you want to rank for
  • Off-page SEO - Gaining good exposure for your website by attracting high-quality backlinks from other websites, social media & other online platforms
  • Technical SEO - Making sure your website is fast, secure & mobile-friendly & that search engines can efficiently crawl & index your site.
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My Organic SEO Services

Google now processes over 99,000 searches per second, & the majority of customers only ever look at the 1st page of the search results. If your business is not showing up on page 1, you are missing out on new customers and sales.

I help by using Organic SEO to rank your site for keywords that are relevant to your business, so you can connect with qualified visitors & convert them into new customers.

  • Organic SEO Auditing

    An SEO Audit can help you determine whether your website is on its way to page 1 in the search results or page 100. My organic SEO Audits are a cost-effective way of finding out what can be changed to give your site a serious boost up the rankings.

  • Backlink Auditing

    If you've ever bought a cheap backlink package then there's a chance that Google is penalising your site. I forensically examine your backlinks to see whether they are harming or helping your search ranking. If spam or bad links are found I can help you recover from any penalties.

  • Site Speed Optimisation

    Your site's loading speed is not just important for your search ranking but also your visitor experience. Every extra second your website takes to load increases the chance a visitor will leave the site. I combine image optimisations, caching plugins, page compression, browser caching, content delivery networks and VPS hosting to significantly reduce load time and decrease bounce rate.

  • Content Optimisation

    Your on-page SEO has a huge impact in how well your pages rank in Google Search. Your site's content is the most important factor in your search ranking. I can help you research, write and optimize your content to target the keywords you want to rank for.

  • Schema Markup

    Schema passes on important information about your business to search engines who can then display this information to users allowing potential customers to understand your business or products better. I code business schema information such as opening hours, business address, event information and more.

  • Rank Tracking

    The best way to see how well your SEO is working is to track the number of impressions, clicks, and average position of your keywords. I can help with keyword rank tracking for local, national, and international keywords so you can see exactly how your results are improving and which keywords need attention.

  • WordPress SEO

    I specialise in WordPress SEO optimisation. Including fixing permalinks, focus keywords, title and page meta, WordPress speed optimisation, page and browser caching, sitemaps and much more. I also offer complete WordPress management packages.

  • Link Outreach

    I can help you build high-quality backlinks to your website by planning and creating high quality linkable content and assets then reaching out to relevant websites to get them to link to your content.

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