Organic SEO

Boost your search engine ranking & increase traffic to your website

Why You Need Organic SEO

Click-Through Rate (CTR) of First Page Results

Did you know the top 3 positions in Google Search get 2/3rds of the traffic & almost no-one checks page 2 of the search results!

Search engines have changed the way people shop for products & services. Google now processes over 60,000 searches per second, & the majority of customers only ever look at the 1st page of the search results. If your business is not showing up on page 1, you are potentially missing out on thousands of new customers every year! By ranking your site for keywords that are relevant to your business, you can connect with qualified leads & convert them into new clients.

My Organic SEO Services

Analytics Dashboard representing analytics services

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit can help you determine whether your website is on its way to page 1 in the search results or page 100.

My organic SEO Audits are a cost-effective way of finding out what can be changed to give your site a serious boost up the rankings.

Fast speedometer representing website speed optimisation

Site Speed Optimisation

Your site’s loading speed is not just important for your Google Search ranking but also the visitor experience. Every extra second your website takes to load increases the chance a visitor will leave the site. I combine image optimisations, caching plugins, page compression, browser caching, content delivery networks and VPS hosting to significantly reduce load time and decrease bounce rate.

Shop front representing business schema

Business Schema

Schema markup passes on important information about your business to search engines like Google who can then display this information to search engine users allowing potential customers to understand your business better.

I code business schema information such as opening hours, business address, telephone number, logo and more so search engines know exactly where to find it.

Map icon representing Local SEO services

Local SEO

If you are a local brick and mortar or service area business then local SEO allows you to target potential customers in your proximity.

I offer local SEO audits, citations and Google My Business optimisation services to help you attract more local customers.

Tags representing tag manager set up

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to easily integrate conversion and analytics measurement products such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other third-party vendors into your website.

I am experienced in setting up GTM for form submit tracking, analytics events and conversions, ecommerce tracking, button click events, PPC conversion reporting, video engagement, and more.

Line chart representing split test or A vs B test optimisation

Google Optimise

Google Optimise is a free tool that allows you to split test your page layout and content.

I can integrate Google Optimise with your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to A/B test different colours, images, CTA’s, text, and more until I find the best performing combination at converting your traffic into paying customers.

Photo representing image alt text and optimisation services

Image Optimisation & Alt Text

Images are a great way to show off your business or services but when they are not optimised correctly, they may do more harm than good. Large, slow loading image files will increase your overall page load times and may end up harming not just your ranking but reducing the amount of time customers spend on your site before clicking away.

My image SEO services ensure they not only look good and load fast but also help improve your search ranking with the inclusion of non-spammy alt text and titles to give your images context.

line graph representing keyword rank tracking

Keyword Rank Tracking

The best way to see how your organic SEO optimisations are boosting your search engine ranking is to track the number of impressions, clicks, and average position of your keywords.

I offer keyword rank tracking for local, national, and international keywords so you can see exactly how your results are improving and which keywords need attention.

WordPress logo inside cog representing WordPress search engine optimisation services

WordPress SEO

I have experience in most popular WordPress SEO optimisation plugins including Yoast SEO and All in One SEO.

I fix permalinks, focus keywords, title and page meta, WordPress speed optimisation, page and browser caching, sitemaps and much more. I also offer complete WordPress management packages including monthly WP development.

Website and code representing website metadata

Website Metadata

Metadata helps search engines like Google understand what your web pages are all about. It’s also what search engines display when your site appears in the search results page. If your metadata is inaccurate or not exciting enough people will never even visit your site. On the other hand, stuffing your metadata with keywords is likely to end in your website being marked as spam.

I use my experience with Google best practices and in-depth keyword research to create metadata that compels people to click and boosts your ranking.

Link icon representing link outreach services

Link Outreach & Guest Posting

Backlinks from authoritative websites in your niche or industry are still the number one ranking factor for organic SEO rankings.

I offer link outreach and guest posting services from real websites with real traffic.

magnifying glass representing keyword research

Keyword Research

Knowing what your customers are searching for is crucial in increasing your organic SEO results. Identifying long-tail keywords and targeting them with relevant content allows you to leapfrog bigger and more authoritative websites in search engine results.

I use enterprise keyword and competitor research tools to find the most profitable keywords to target in your industry.

Control panel representing search console

Google Search Console

Search console is a suite of tools that help you understand and analyse how Google sees your website.

I set up GSC to allow you to view detailed traffic reports, page indexing, mobile usability, schema output as well as any errors that may be stopping your pages from ranking.

Web page representing onpage SEO optimisation

Onpage Optimisation

How well your onpage SEO is optimised has a major impact in how well your pages rank in Google Search. Onpage SEO encompasses page content, permalink structure, page titles and descriptions, heading tags and much more.

An audit and tune-up of your onpage SEO is probably the most cost-effective way of boosting your search engine rankings and gaining extra traffic and new customers.

Broken chain link representing backlink audit and bad link disavow

Backlink Audit

If you have ever bought a cheap backlink package then there is a chance that Google is penalising your site.

I use various tools to examine your backlinks to see whether they could be harming your search ranking. If spam or bad links are found I can instruct search engines to disavow those links to help you recover from any penalties.

Analytics dashboard representing analytics SEO services

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used to study & improve customer engagement, visualise your sales funnels, track click-through-rates (CTR), discover how visitors arrive at your site & track website events & goals.

I can get your analytics dashboard fully set up and integrated with PPC accounts, GTM & more.