Web Development

Whether it's a user-friendly Content Management System, a lighting fast Static Site or a dynamic Web Application I can help. Have a look at some of the Web Development frameworks, plugins & integrations I have experience with.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS helps you create & modify pages, text, images, videos & SEO meta content in a user-friendly way:

  • WordPress CMS Development Logo
    Popular & user-friendly CMS
    Headless WordPress
  • Dato CMS logo
    Great headless CMS for Next.js
    Dato CMS
Example of a website CMS

Static Sites & Serverless Hosting

Static sites are fast, secure, easily maintainable, cheap to host, & great for SEO:

  • Next.js logo
    React framework for fast loading static sites
  • Netlify logo
    Serverless platform with great add-ons
  • Vercel logo
    Serverless platform from the team behind Next.js

CSS Frameworks

CSS frameworks help to create responsive, mobile-first components & websites:

  • Tailwind CSS logo
    CSS framework based around utility classes
    Tailwind CSS
  • Bootstrap 5 logo
    Popular framework for responsive websites
    Bootstrap 5
CSS framework example

APIs & Integrations

Chargebee Ecommerce Logo


Google Developer API Logo

Google Developer APIs

Drift CRM Development Logo

Drift CRM

Crisp chat logo

Crisp Chat

Google Firebase Development Logo

Google Firebase

Stripe API Logo