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google analytics builder crane
Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder

Use the campaign url builder to enhance your google analytics campaign tracking with url parameters.

tabable todo list screenshot
Tabable - Todo List Dashboard

Tabable is a personalised todo list dashboard that lives in your browser tab.

text case tool book writing
Text Case Tool

Switch text between a number of cases including camelCase, Train-Case, kebab-case, Title Case & more...

url trimmer tool scissors
URL Trimmer Tool

Split a website address into its constituent parts: Protocol, Hostname, Domain, Path, Query & Hash.

word counter tool scrabble letters
Word Counter Tool

Tool for calculating word, character and spaces count.

data tables with multiple pages
DataTables Table with Multi-Select to an Array

Interactive HTML table using the DataTables jQuery plug-in.

https url validate security camera check
Check & Add HTTPS to an URL

A quick script to test whether an URL contains HTTP/HTTPS & adds it if none is found.

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